Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I emailed my insurance company because I couldn't stand the wait anymore. They called today. I'm not happy. Apparently they received the request for my surgery in the mail TODAY, 2 weeks 2 days after my appointment. The woman I spoke with said that it would be a few weeks until a decision was made and that until a decision was made nothing would be covered. They also can not retroactively cover anythng. So, those pre-op tests I was scheduled for Tuesday? Not going to happen. No pre-op tests=no surgery. I just emailed the surgeon's office to see what I should do but at this point it's my best guess that my surgery will be postponed. I'm very sad, very frustrated and just feel let down. I just wish that for once things could go smoothly and easily. I'm up for a challenge now and again but doesn't everyone deserve a break??

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  1. :( sorry C.

    maybe there is a greater reason for the delay???